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Note that some handouts written by Dr. Fudge have a Greenville address. The correct address is the Taylors SC PO Box.

File NameDescription / Comment
African Grey ParrotAbout African Grey Parrots
Amazon ParrotsAbout Amazon Parrots
Atherosclerosis in Parrots, Risk Factors and IncidKind of a long, technical read but a very large retrospective report. Actually a huge problem in parrots, with Amazons and African Grey Parrots at the top of the list. Chronic malnutrition (still very common) and lack of exercise are leading risk factors, while wild cockatoos, with proper nutrition (wild) and plenty of exercise showed no cardiovascular pathology. Atherosclerosis can take years to develop unnoticed until presented in crisis mode, for veterinary evaluation. Advanced imaging techniques show that most African Grey "house parrots" have atherosclerosis by 10 years of age
Avian Sun for BirdsHow to provide full-spectrum lighting for your house birds
Avian Feather LossAvian Feather Loss
Avian Feather Loss, underlying factors
Avian First AidAvian First Aid
Avian Health ExamAvian Health Exam
Avian Injury PreventionAvian Injury Prevention
Avian Signs of IllnessAvian Signs of Illness
Basic Bird CareBasic Bird Care
BehaviorAvian Behavior
Budgies (Common Parakeet)Budgies (Common Parakeet)
Eclectus ParrotEclectus Parrot
Home Avian Behavior Program
How to Convert Your Pet Bird to a Formulated Diet This is a classic method that Dr. Fudge recommends for many birds. During an exam consultation, other methods may be found to be more effective.
I Found A Baby Bird
Is Your Mature Parrot Family Bird Healthy?
Managing Your Parrot's LifestyleGreat handout produced by Scott Ford DVM Dip ABVP-Avian, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Parrot & Pet Bird diet manufacturersSome of these offer seed-based diets, in addition to formulated diets. We recoimmend only the formulated diets.
Proper Nutrition for Your Pet Bird 2022Overview of Dr. Fudge's pet bird diet recommendations
Quaker ParrotsQuaker Parrots
Quaker Parrots: Lipid-Related Lesions.Quaker Parrots: Lipid-Related Lesions.
Well Bird Checkup PackageComprehensive Checkup and Laboratory Testing
When to Call the Veterinarian for your BirdWhen to Call the Veterinarian for your Bird

Mobile Veterinary Services

Birds & Fish
PO Box 1274
Taylors, SC 29687
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