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New Client Check In- services only in the Greenville County, SC area.

Dr. Fudge will be on vacation May 7-14 and June 27-July 8th 2024

If you would like to make an appointment, you can assist us to expedite your check in by submitting this form. Services are provided only in the Greenville County area and no office visits are available. Persons requesting nails/wing/weak services only: these are only performed during a specialist exam visit

Thank you for your cooperation in letting us assist you. We do not give your email address to 3rd parties and intend to email you when providing invoice receipts, client education handouts, case followup information, and appointment reminders.

As you have made an appointment or are requesting an appointment, in addition to filling out this form, before the visit, please also fill out either an avian or aquatic history form.

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